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1.     Cable

Tongs supplies a wide variety of electrical cables, including Battery Cable, Computer Cable, Building Cable, Earth Cable, GPO Cable, Light Cable, Main Cable, Switch Cable, Extension Cable, Welding Cable, etc. All cables meet with international AS/NZS standard.


2.     Lighting
  • Fluorescent fitting and tube
  • Energy saving light
  • LED Ceiling Light
  • Light Diffuser
3.     Fan
  • Ceiling fan
  • Wall fan
4.     Power Tool & Accessories

Tongs is the dealer of BOSCH Power Tools in Honiara. We hold a variety of electrical power tools and accessories.

  • Power Tools

Bosch provides innovative professional power tools for the trade industry that meet the highest standards in speed, precision, and durability which helps achieve great work results.

  • Accessories

We have power tool accessories that provide and enhance performance on the jobsite. Better Accessories, Better Results.


5.     GPO & Switch

6.     Conduit Pipes & fitting

Various sizes are available to meet different need of electrical job.

7.     Other Electrical Accessories