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Tongs has the country's most complete plumbing range of materials.

1. Bathroom & Kitchen

Full range of toilet, bathroom solutions. Full range of kitchen sinks and tap and accessories.

  • Bathroom Board: Grey & White colour
  • Tapware: Plenty choices of tapware for your basin, sink and shower room.


  • Bathroom Accessories: Shower Tray, Bathroom Cabinet, Mirror, Towel Rail & Hook, Soap Holder


  • Vanities
  • Sanitaryware: Toilet Pan, Cisterm, Seat Cover, Toilet Roll Holder, Urinal

  • Sinks & Tubs: Stainless steel single & double sink, Stainless steel single & double laundry tub.


2. AQUA Tank
  • AQUA TANK produced specifically for water storage, and because it is a food grade product, it is recommended for house hold clean drinking rainwater storage. Best for remote locations where access to clean drinking water is difficult.
  • AQUA TANK is manufactured locally by Tongs Corporation Ltd. AQUA TANK is manufactured from Polyethylene by locals locally to last and to suit the harsh climate conditions of the Solomon Islands. AQUA TANK is a food grade product manufactured according to strict consumer standards and specifications.
  • Download here for more information

3. Water Pump

Different type of pressure water pumps to suit different housing requirements.

4. Drainage System
  • Guttering

- Marley Classic Guttering

- Marley Industrial Guttering

Please download brochure for more information.


  • Surface Water Drainage Products.
Please download brochure for more information.

5. Pipes & Fittings
  • Dux Piping
  • DWV Piping
  • Pressure Piping
  • Poly Piping


6. Galvanized, Brass & Copper Fittings

7. Solar Hot Water System