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1. Agricultural Tool

  • Harvesting Tools:

This includes harvesting pole, sickle, harvesting chisel and necessary accessories. We have durable, cost effective and user-friendly products that enable swift transition from the basic and traditional methods, found in many oil palm producing nations, to modern cultivation that integrates advanced technology, progressive growing methods and sound economics.

  • Harvesting Boots: For safety in harvesting environment

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  • Wheel Barrows

2. Canvas & Tarpaulin

A wide range of tarpaulins, marine canvas, floor mat, shade cloth for different purposes.

3. Fasteners

Most of our fasteners are Bremick fasteners, which all meet with Australian and international standard.

  • Self Drilling Screws

-       We supply a wide range of screws for metal, timber, plasterboard and other general purposes.

-       Necessary washer and drive bits for screws are also available.

  • Mild Steel Bolts & Buts

-       Hexagonal Head and Cup Head Bolt

-       Coach Screw

-       Flat Round Washers & Spring Washers

-       Hex Nuts & Nylon Insert Locknuts

-       Threaded Rod

  • Blind Rivets

Blind rivets are the most cost effective fastening solution for a wide range of fastening applications and are especially useful for joining light gauge metals.

  • Masonry Anchors

Masonry anchors are making secure connections into materials from concrete, brick, blocks, stones to plasterboard.


4. Garden Tools

We supply a wide range of garden tools, including axe, bush knife, garden fork & rake, spade, mattock, and many others.

5. Glue & Adhesive

  • Wood adhesive
  • Contact adhesive
  • Construction adhesive
  • Super glue & ultra bonder
6. Hand Tool
  • Striking Tools
  • Pliers and Pincers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrenches and Spanners
  • Sockets and Accessories
  • Cutting Tools
  • Clamps and Other Hand Tools

7. Locks & Hinges
  • Padlocks, Door Locks
  • Butt Hinges, Tee Hinges, Gate Hinges
  • Other Door and Gate Fittings

8. Timber Connection Solution

Tongs provide a wide range of timber connection solutions, including knuckle nail plate, strap brace, cyclone strap, framing brackets, z nails, and many other structural brackets.  


9. Nail
  • Jolt head nail
  • Concrete nail
  • Fibre Nail
  • Roofing Nail
  • Staple Nail
10. Rope
  • Marine Rope
  • PE Rope
  • Sisal Rope
  • Wire Rope

11. Safety Equipment
  • Dust mask & Face Shield
  • Ear Muff & Ear Plug
  • Safety Glasses & Helmets
  • Safety Boots and Vest
  • Warning Tape & Sign